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Gas Inserts

Gas inserts are most commonly installed into an existing brick and/or masonry chimney. Gas inserts come in a direct vent application, meaning they are a sealed unit for maximum efficiency and safety. Direct vent means that the fireplace exhausts all of its gasses from combustion to the outdoors while at the same time through a separate pipe pulling fresh air directly into the firebox allowing for proper and safe combustion. Gas inserts come in a wide variety of choices. Call us today and let us help find what will best suite your heating and aesthetic needs.

New Construction

Whether it's in a new construction application, addition, renovation or renovation of an existing direct-vent fireplace, your options for fireplace choices are massive. Over the past decade the fireplace industry has vastly grown giving homeowners and builders a diverse range of options. We work with some of the best fireplace companies in the lower mainland and have access to most lines of fireplaces. If you cant find what your looking for we can custom design as well. 


Fireplace Service

Servicing of your fireplace is essential to the safety, efficiency, and 

aesthetically pleasing look it once had on the day it was put in. Natural gas and propane create a bi-product in the combustion gases which can leave a white film on the glass taking away the ambiance of the fireplace and sometimes in extreme cases completely fogging over the glass. Without regular cleaning and maintenance this can actually stain the glass and force you into a position of having to replace the glass all together. If your fireplace is acting strange or not operating properly it is probably time to give it a once over. Two Lions Mechanical does an all-point safety test and cleaning on all fireplace makes and models. 




free standing & custom doors

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