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Whether its replacing the old fireplace or completing a custom designed

home comfort system... We do it all!

Squamish Whistler Fireplaces

Whether it's for heating purposes or to bring a relaxing ambiance to a room, fireplaces are a wonderful addition to bring to your home. Fireplaces can be broken down into a few different categories; Gas Inserts, New Construction/ renovation, Log-Sets, Free standing, and wood fuel applications. The two most common being gas inserts and new construction & renovation.

Squamish Gas fitter

Designing a new home comfort system? In need of a replacement of your current furnace? Is that existing furnace due for a service? Call us today! Two Lions has the ability and knowledge to design, replace and maintain your heating equipment. 

Designing home comfort systems takes knowledge of the construction industry, reading of blue prints and knowing what your new high-efficient equipment is capable of. Room by room heat loss and heat gain calculations are crucial to designing a perfect system. 

Heating Company Squamish

Homes are being built air tight for maximum efficiency and heat

retainment. Because your home is built air tight, the air you breath is being recirculated through your

lungs, the furnace, and other mechanical workings of the home.


Since all buildings require a source of

fresh air, the need for HRVs (HeatRecovery Ventilation system) has become obvious. HRV introduces fresh air to a building and improves climate control, whilst promoting efficient energy use.

We also handle bathroom fans & hood fans.

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